Bryneglwys Church of St Tysilio

On the fringe of the village and flanked by yew trees, St. Tysilio’s is dedicated to the Welsh saint who may have established a church here thirteen hundred years ago. The present building dates largely from the 15th century, with an Elizabethan addition recalling a famous American association. Though its bright, cheerful and clearly well-loved interior reflects an extensive Victorian restoration, several older features remain, including the medieval east window and barrel roof above the altar. More ancient still is the memorial slab set into the floor of the Yale side chapel. Carved with intricate foliage and a worn inscription, it commemorates Tangwystyl daughter of Ieuaf ap Maredudd, who died in about 1320; it was brought here from Valle Crucis Abbey.

The chapel where it lies – separated from the church by two immense rough-hewn timber pillars – was added in about 1575 by Dr. Thomas Yale, Chancellor to the Archbishop of Canterbury under Queen Elizabeth 1. Dr. Yale came from nearby Plas-y-Yale, and a later member of his family – Elihu Yale (1649 -1721) – grew immensely rich by trading in India. Born in America (where his Puritan parents had sought refuge from persecution), Elihu Yale helped to found the most famous of American universities. Thus ‘Yale’ was named after a Welshman, who was himself named after the Yale (Ial) district of Denbighshire.

Church usually open daylight hours.

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