The Pilgrims’ Track

Clawdd Newydd to Betws Gwerfil Goch

The minor road from Clawdd Newydd via Ffynnon Sarah to Betws Gwerfil Goch formed part of an ancient long-distance route from the north-east corner of Wales to its south-westernmost tip. It would have been used by medieval pilgrims journeying from the famous shrine of St Winifred at Holywell in Flintshire to the tomb of St. David in his Pembrokeshire cathedral. Running along the hilltops between Clawdd Newydd and Melin-y-Wig, it often provides dramatic views both towards the Clwyd Valley and the wild country to the west, with glimpses of dry-stone walls and Welsh Black cattle. But modern travellers must beware: the road is often very narrow, with occasional steep inclines and sharp bends – and cars travel much faster than medieval pilgrims.

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