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The route map gives an indication of location, but Ordnance Survey Maps provide more detail. Make your own choice of towns, villages and unspoilt countryside. Towns and larger villages are accessible via ‘A’ roads. Most other villages are well sign-posted from the main roads and many sites are accessed via country lanes: these are often winding, single track, so travel very carefully and be prepared to take time for the journey.

Approximate distances:

  • Corwen to Ruthin (direct) 12 miles
  • Llandrillo to Llangollen 15 miles
  • Ruthin to Llangollen 15 miles
  • Ruthin to Coast 20 miles

Town Plans

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St Asaph

St Asaph Town Plan


Ruthin Town Plan


Rhuddlan Town Plan


Llangollen Town Plan


Corwen Town Plan


Denbigh Town Plan

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